The Games Studio

The Games Studio at Northeastern is an environment that empowers collaboration and discovery. Students partake in the learning and community-building needed to succeed as academics and game developers.

A collaborative design and development journey–driven by students and faculty

This student driven studio group will design, develop, and produce a substantial game every year. The development process is be divided into phases to match the Northeastern semester schedule. Students will participate in one or more semesters of development and be credited for their contributions when the game is published. 

Each semester a different faculty member recruits students from the game design studio to participate in research driven projects. These faculty driven projects are more structured and often include collaboration with external research partners. 

The next generation of game creators

By joining the studio, students will have the opportunity to develop real world skills for both game design industry and academic research focused careers. As the game studio continues it will be possible for participating students to be credited on up to four shipped titles during the completion of a 4+ year degree.

Student Project:

What Remains of Me

Project Details:

Student Contributions

  • ideation
  • pre-production
  • prototyping
  • vertical slice phases

Summary and Mechanics

What Remains of Me is a narrative heavy metroidvania style 2d pixel art platformer. The cute art style belies the darker themes of inequality and ableism. The game introduces two innovative mechanics. First, the robot protagonist interacts with everything in the world with his power cord, allowing him to charge and drain his fellow machines and even swing across gaps or rappel up walls.  Secondly, enemies are infected with a virus that drives them to violent conflict, the player must manage their viral load as they drain health from enemy machines to stay alive.