The Games Community


The Northeastern community comes together in a wide variety of game related clubs creating and playing games of all types. 

Game Development Club

The Northeastern University Game Development Club provides students with a myriad of opportunities to explore their passion for game design.

Club Website

Game Studio Club

Game Design Club focused on helping new and advanced developers hone their skills.

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Northeastern University Tabletop Roleplaying Society

Northeastern University Tabletop Roleplaying Society (NUTRS) is a community of gamers with a passion for slaying dragons.

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Northeastern Entertainment System

Play card games, board games and of course video games.

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Northeastern University League of Legends

We are the Northeastern University League of Legends Club aka NEU LoL Club!

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The Boston Game Community


Group dedicated to supporting all aspects of game development across the state.

Location: Becker College

Boston Festival of Indie Games

Come to play independantly developed board and digital games, or enter your games into the festival.

Location: Harvard Athletic Complex

Women in Games Boston

Location: Boston

Boston Serious Games Meetup Group

Group focused on the development of games for education, research and advocasy. 

Location: Boston

Game Makers Guild

Boardgame playtesting group. An excellent resource for testing paper prototypes.

Location: Boston