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Rocket League Eyetracking

Leanne Chukoskie

Student leads:
Data analytics Engineering MS Students, Naren Mohan, Ashwini Khedkar; HMRS PhD Student Trent Simmons

Elite athletes have unique cognitive as well as physical skills. A keen sense of spatial awareness is shared by elite athletes in sports such as soccer, basketball, and hockey. However, studying the development and manifestation of spatial awareness skill is challenging in these fast-moving sports. Instead, we are studying spatial awareness and other cognitive skills in players of the popular eSports game Rocket League. Rocket League can be thought of as a three-dimensional soccer game where the players are cars, so spatial awareness of the ball, teammates and opposing players is essential. By training a computer vision model to recognize the ball and cars in the game, we can characterize gaze behavior as it relates to moment-to-moment player decisions. We can now measure game performance and gaze behavior during game play in novice players to accomplished eSports athletes. We expect to use our data to provide specific training methods for those new to eSports looking to up their game.
interior abstract of ISEC building