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Christopher Barney

Associate Professor, Games@Northeastern: Studio Lab Director


Fundamentals to Mastery in Games Through Design Patterns

I teach a wide variety of subjects in the GAME and GSND programs at Northeastern, from Level Design and Game Architecture to Generative Design. The unifying thread is my use of Game Design Patterns. In almost all of my courses students transform their own knowledge of games into design theory and practice by applying the principles of Design Patterns and Pattern Languages.

Game Design Studio

Transforming Student Collaboration Into Studio Practice

In order to better support students in the learning they need to succeed both academically and commercially, and to support the visibility and reputation of the collective cross-disciplinary game design and development programs at Northeastern University we have created the Northeastern Game Design Studio.

Research and Scholorship

Pattern Language for Game Design

Pattern Language for Game Design builds on the revolutionary work of architect Christopher Alexander to show students, teachers, and game development professionals how to derive best practices in all aspects of game design. Using a series of practical, rigorous exercises, designers can observe and analyze the failures and successes of the games they know and love to find the deep patterns that underlie good design. From an in-depth look at Alexander’s work, to a critique of pattern theory in various fields, to a new approach that will challenge your knowledge and put it to work, this book seeks to transform how we look at building the interactive experiences that shape us.