What Remains of Me

This metroidvania style game was created by the Games@Northeastern:Studio over the course of the 2021-2022 academic year.

Developed by: Games@Northeastern:Studio (More than 50 students!)

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Arma Culture

ArmaCulture is an indie factory-builder RPG set in the midst of a bitter, industrialized war between two nations in a fictional world similar to our own.

Developed by: Luca Sandoval

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Pip's Quest

Procedural turn-based adventure! Build spells from four types of magic!

Developed by: Ben Wakefield, Xuanshuo Zhang, Thao Le, Liam Thornton.

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Robot Training Day

Decide what to teach a young robot under the watchful eye of an oppressive regime.

Developed by: Elena Kosowski, Jacob Pine, Mateus Aurelio, Laurel Parsons, Jonathan Lehman.

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3 Great Games

A glitchy retro game pack in the style of Action 52.

Developed by: Game Studio Club.

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The Wind and the Rain

A procedural narrative exploration of how history is constructed.

Developed by: Rourke Bywater

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Pretend to learn bird facts to pass your class.

Developed by: Game Studio Club.

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The Reactor

Fast-paced management arcade game designed to evoke overwhelmed feelings.

Developed by: Sebastian Toledo-Altamirano, Jane Frauenfelder, Aaron Li, Eric Sun.

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An Environmental Horror game where you play as a single father looking for your missing daughter.

Developed by: Shripad Agashe, Sonali Ubale, Teja Bhattar.

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Petite Mondrian (Heist, You In?)

Explore museums procedurally generated from Mondrian paintings to steal Mondrian paintings to use as seeds to procedurally generate museums…

Developed by: Rourke Bywater, Sai Krishna, Joseph Piccuirro, Nathan Miner

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Cave Walker

Explore caves; discover wonders

Developed by: Game Studio Club

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Fall of the Last City

Real-time six player strategy board game with social deception mechanics.

Developed by: Professor Chris Barney 

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Lonely Rover

Andrew Straus, Fen Cullen, Alex McCatty.

Developed by: .Andrew Straus, Fen Cullen, Alex McCatty.


The Visitor

A VR Suspense Walking Simulator, something strange has come to the Farm!

Developed by: Jonny Glassman, Abhinav Chitty, and Ara Jung 

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Spot N Sync

Experimental task to sync your hand to the pulsing ball the best you can even during the disruptions

Developed by: Sundararaman Rengarajan, Brendan Baron, Naren Mohan @ Rehabilitation Games & Extended Reality Lab

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Alzheimer's Awareness Game

Developed by: .

Katty's Quest Party at Port Pellican

Help Katty get her beach party together.

Developed by: Andrew Straus

Hook, Line, and Sprinter

Race through the level using your fishing pole to swing past obstacles!

Developed by: Jakob Ober, Luke Quirion, Daniel Shapiro.


A 2D RPG game where you play as a high school student who’s starting a journey of self-discovery.

Developed by: Marco Hampel, Alex Siegel, Queenie Liang, and Joe Turco.

Pokémon Steelheart

Hack ROM’s and evade the IP police!

Developed by: Liam Thornton 

Servant of Thousands

Developed by: … 

The Beach Fragment

Space Tactics with a strong narrative focus!

Developed by: Professor Brandon Sichling and Students.




Developed by:

Adventure Game

Developed by: 


Habit of Force

Space Tactics with a strong narrative focus!

Developed by: Professor Brandon Sichling and Students.



Satisfy the needs of the cats… or else.

Developed by: Ding Chin, Jasper, Luzhuo, Rene.

Metaverse Hellscape

Get your grocery shopping done before the server crashes!

Developed by: Claudia Jodlowski